Rhode Island

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Bob Sirhal

Rhode Island State Advocate

I am a Leave No Trace Master Educator who has been working with the Boy Scouts within the Outdoor Ethics Advocate program in Rhode Island and Southeastern MA.

My goal for the role of State Advocate is to bring more people to the table to discuss methods of reaching more of the youth of our state thru both in school and outside of school activities modeling the Leave No Trace principles, and how we can better work with the conservationists to preserve and wisely use the bountiful national resources within the Ocean State.

The aim is to expand the reach of Leave No Trace in the state to our education, civic and other youth serving organizations. Develop lessons on how best to reach our youngest school age children to start the interest in the outdoors and how we can all make a difference by thinking before take an action in the outdoors.

I am looking to have engagement from our youth and adults to share the workload. If you are willing to discuss your ideas we can have a larger impact in our communities.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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