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The 4 Knots You Must Know Before You Go Camping

Leave No Trace - April 16, 2016

Monterey, CA: Do you know these knots? They may come in handy the next time you go camping. Below we've listed what they are, how to build them and what to use them for. 

Square Knot

Take two ropes and cross them to form a half knot. Cross them a second time and pull the ends tight to form the square knot.

Most commonly used to tie two ropes together. 


Form a small loop leaving enough rope for the desired loop size. Pass the end of the rope through the loop as though making an overhand knot. Continue around the standing end and then back through the small loop. 

Most commonly used to make a loop. 

Taut Line Hitch

Pass the tail end around the standing end. Pass it around again. Tuck it in beside the first turn and pull it up tight. Continue around and tie a half hitch to finish it off.

Most commonly used to make a taut, adjustable line which is particularly useful when staking out tent guy lines. 

Clove Hitch

Pass the end of the rope around the pole. Continue over the standing end and around the pole a second time. Thread the end under itself and pull tight to form the clove hitch.

Most commonly used to tie a bear bag hang off to a tree. 

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