Citizen Science Toolkit

Citizen science is a popular movement that allows people from all walks of life to help advance scientific research and land management efforts by collecting and sharing data gathered in natural areas. Leave No Trace’s citizen science program helps protect the natural world by building a community of people working together to monitor impacts caused by recreation.

The Center has developed the attached “toolkit” as a guide to implementing Leave No Trace citizen science programming in diverse natural areas. This 16-page, full-color guide offers information on these topics, and more:

  • Conceiving and implementing citizen science projects
  • Connecting with resource managers and researchers
  • Incorporating Leave No Trace principles
  • Collecting data with’s technology platform
  • Working with volunteers and putting the collected data to use

Groups interested in establishing their own citizen science programming are encouraged to seek consulting support from the Center. For questions or help with citizen science projects, use the Center’s [email protected] email address and we will direct your inquiry to a staff member.


Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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