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Leave No Trace Expands Its Scope to Reach More People

Michael Taylor - October 14, 2021

(October 14, 2021: Boulder, CO) Today, the Leave No Trace organization announces key shifts in its scope of work in response to ever-growing challenges and scale of environmental degradation and climate change, the organization’s increasing engagement from the international community, as well as the expanding numbers and demographics of people spending time outside.

According to Dana Watts, Leave No Trace’s Executive Director, “Leave No Trace is opening the aperture. Our vision is to build a global community committed to the ideals of Leave No Trace in the outdoors.” Watts continues, “The long, strong foundations of the Leave No Trace program remain firmly intact, yet we felt that it was important that Leave No Trace actively address the growing pressures and opportunities facing the outdoors.”

Leave No Trace is accomplishing these ambitious ideals using the power of; 1. Science and research, of which the organization has and continues to invest in significantly in recent years; 2. Training for all: expanding and evolving the organization’s education and training to reach more people and; 3. Robust stewardship strategies that support and protect the natural world.

Along with expansions and a refocus of Leave No Trace’s mission and core programs, the organization has evolved core educational pieces such as the language around foundational Leave No Trace Seven Principles as well as other assets for the public to share. These include new public service announcements, social media, video and additional free resources that are immediately available for partners, media and any interested organization. Free resources for the general public, a mainstay of Leave No Trace’s offerings, are also available.


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Leave No Trace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing Leave No Trace programs, education, training and outreach in all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the globe. Utilizing the power of science, education for all and stewardship to support and protect nature, Leave No Trace is on a mission to ensure a sustainable future for the outdoors. No matter where or why you get outside, it’s yours to protect. Leave No Trace. Learn more at:

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