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Need a FREE Leave No Trace Activity for Kids?

Leave No Trace - May 24, 2011

As Traveling Trainers, we understand the importance of consistently having kids actively engaged in our workshops. By having kids saying, hearing, seeing, and doing, the retention rate of the information will be much higher.

Since 2001, Leave No Trace has been in a partnership with REI to present our youth program called PEAK, Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids, which currently reaches 120,000 youth annually. The program is presented as a “pack” of six activities. Additional activities, a Teen program and materials in Spanish are also available on our on-line store. The PEAK program can be purchased from the Center or is available through the “Packing with PEAK” grant. You could also contact your local State Advocate or REI store to inquire about borrowing a PEAK Pack. Why not try out one of the sample activities available free of cost, which is available on our website. Click here for more information.
As the weather gets warmer, challenge your children or students to a round of Okay or No Way! This activity represents a win-win situation for parents and elementary school teachers. First, the game acts as a catalyst to introducing youth to the seven principles of Leave No Trace. Second, this activity will get your students running around outside to expel some of their end of the school year energy!
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