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Leave No Trace In Frontcountry Environments

Leave No Trace - August 15, 2015

Boulder, CO: Parks offer a wonderful space for friends and families to get together and connect with nature. Frontcountry settings like this have unique social and physical impacts from their visitors. With more and more people getting outside, parks and open spaces see heavy use. The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers spent the day in the frontcountry and noticed some avoidable impacts. Here are some tips and tricks to help minimize your impact while on your frontcountry adventure in your local parks or open spaces. 

Know Before You Go

  • Be sure to bring enough food and water for the days adventure. Having supplies for your day will maximize your comfort and safety, increasing the quality of your experience!
  • Planning to take your pet on your adventure? Remember, bring along your pet leash and always bring a bag to collect dog waste. 
  • Read up on the rules and regulations of the area that you are going and always remember your map! 


Stick To Trails 

  • Stick to durable surfaces to avoid picking up "hitchhikers" and spreading invasive species.
  • Avoid stepping off of the trail, and onto delicate vegetation or wildflowers. Once they are damaged, they may not grow back. 
  • Respect private property by traveling on designated trails. 


Trash Your Trash

Being mindful that our wrappers and garbage make it to trash bins is a sure way to keep our parks clean. Keeping our parks clean creates a higher quality experience for everyone! Do your part to trash your trash.

  • Pack it in, Pack it out! 
  • Let's work together to protect our water sources. Avoid putting soap, food, and waste in our water sources. 



                       Used fishing line left hanging in a tree after a day out on the lake

Leave It As You Find

  • Bring along your camera to take photos instead of taking souvenirs, so that the next person can enjoy the space just as much as you. 
  • Treat living plants with respect. Avoid carving into trees, this could kill them! 


Be Careful With Fire

Having a fire is aesthetically pleasing! If you plan to stay overnight, be sure to check the land regulations to see if a fire is permitted. 

  • Use existing fire rings and keep your fire small.
  • Avoid burning trash or food. Remember, pack it in, pack it out!
  • Avoiding transporting wood from far away locations. it could harbor tree killing insects or diseases. Buy wood from a local vendor. 


          IMG_5149 (1).jpg

Keep Wildlife Wild

Human food is not healthy for wildlife. Feeding wildlife encourages habituation, which can lead to safety issues for both people and animals.

  • Bring your binoculars to keep a safe distance.
  • Do not approach or feed wildlife.
  • Store your food and scented items securely. 




Be Considerate To Other Visitors

The frontcountry is for everyone! These are public spaces designed for recreation and relaxation. With more and more people going out to enjoy these areas, our decisions while outside have a big impact on other visitors.

  • Avoid loud phone calls.
  • Control your pets.
  • Keep group sizes small.
  • Let nature's sounds prevail! 


Have fun outside and keep exploring! To explore more helpful tips, check out our full list of Frontcountry Principles.

Steph and Andy – Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Team East


Leave No Trace’s Stephanie Whatton and Andy Mossey are part of the 2015 Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Program that provides free, mobile education to communities across the country. Proud partners of this program include Subaru of America, Deuter, Hi-Cone, REI, Smartwool, The North Face, and Yakima. 

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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