What is a Leave No Trace Hot Spot?

Erin & Brice - July 3, 2021

We are about to head into our busy Hot Spot season, but that brings up the question: What is a Leave No Trace Hot Spot? Let’s recap what a Hot Spot is and why they are one of our most important programs. 

El Programa Hot Spots se creó para hacer frente a los graves impactos que suelen asociarse al uso intensivo y a los espacios al aire libre "amados hasta la muerte".

Since 2010, Leave No Trace has conducted over 100 Hot Spots in national parks and forests, state parks, city parks and more.

Through a nationwide nomination process, areas are selected and provided with a unique blend of educational programs, trainings, service projects and more. With site-specific Leave No Trace measures in place, the areas are equipped to bounce back from impacts and recover their natural qualities.

Hot Spots are implemented through multi-day events designed to help stakeholders learn Leave No Trace principles, educational resources, and communication techniques in order to help preserve and protect the area for generations to come. 

The intended outcome for every Leave No Trace Hot Spot is to strengthen stewardship efforts and partnerships by empowering stakeholders, land managers, volunteers, and outdoor enthusiasts through Leave No Trace education to ensure a sustainable recreation future for all.

In 2021, we are conducting ten Hot Spots across the country. No matter where you live, these offer a way to get involved. Find out more about this year’s Hot Spots and how to get involved here

By the Subaru/Leave No Trace Teams. For over 20 years these teams have provided tangible solutions to serious issues facing our outside space and reach over 15 million people every year. Learn more about the important work of our mobile education teams.  Proud partners of this program include Subaru of America,REI,Eagles Nest Outfitters, Thule,FjällrävenThe Coleman CompanyandKlean Kanteen.

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