Activities & Games

Respect Wildlife

Travel to a city park containing wildlife, a wildlife viewing area, or show pictures or slides of wildlife. Ask the group why loud noises and quick movements are stressful to wildlife. Ask if there are particularly sensitive times of the year for wildlife. Have someone explain how they can tell if they are too close to wildlife. Have someone explain how wildlife survive very cold winters or very hot summers.

Have the group observe the wildlife in the area and list things that might disturb each type of wildlife. Have them list the things they could do to minimize their impacts to wildlife.

Have each of the participants share their observations and things they would do to minimize disturbing wildlife and or wildlife habitat. Discuss the negative effects if they did not observe these precautions with wildlife. Discuss ways to view wildlife without harming them. Encourage the group to observe wildlife from a distance (to include the use of binoculars) so the wildlife are not scared or forced to flee. Remind them to always be kind to wildlife.