Gold Standard Site

Knob Noster State Park

Knob Noster, MO

With the implementation of Leave No Trace into park management and planning, Knob Noster State Park has experienced a decrease in trail maintenance costs and a better understanding among the public for why trail closures can occur. There have been fewer instances of rangers giving warnings to visitors for violating rules and visitors often respect posted regulations such as “trail closed” signs. Volunteers have assisted with invasive species removal, which further reduces maintenance costs and promotes stewardship in the park.

Highlighted Facts

  • Knob Noster State Park received a 33/40 at the time it was designated as a Gold Standard Site.
  • Several full-time and part-time staff are certified as Leave No Trace Trainers, and these staff actively participate in developing plans that target Leave No Trace goals in the park.
  • Visitors using group campsites and primitive campsites in the park are provided with Leave No Trace information.

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