Gold Standard Site

Isle Royale National Park

Houghton, MI

Isle Royale reaps numerous benefits from using Leave No Trace. The park notes decreased maintenance costs, less need for law enforcement/ticketing, better resource and social conditions on the ground, and increased visitor experience. Visitor orientations not only teach best practices, but also build a sense of stewardship, especially with returning visitors. Stewardship is the primary way to protect and preserve the area for future generations. Even after orientations, Leave No Trace is discussed among visitors. Backcountry users discuss the appropriate uses of wild places and protection of park resources through visitor actions. Additionally, visitors realize they are in a National Park and are eager to learn ways to protect and preserve it. Visitors show they are very passionate about the island by taking an active role in protecting it through modeling Leave No Trace and enforcing Authority of the Resource.

Highlighted Facts

  • Isle Royale National Park achieved a score of 33/40 at the time of their designation as a Gold Standard Site.
  • Isle Royale National Park does an excellent job educating the public with its multiple staff Master Educators and Trainers as well as volunteers.
  • The park holds a customized Leave No Trace orientation for: backpackers and campers, paddlers (kayak and canoe), boaters (power boaters and sail boaters), lodge guests, scuba divers, anglers, day visitors, and youth groups.

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