Gold Standard Site

New River Gorge National River

Glen Jean, WV

The youth education programs cover events, camps, and classroom series. The events such as the fall and spring festivals have specific Leave No Trace exhibits. The summer camps are very Leave No Trace intensive. Like the festivals, there are exhibits and children spend an entire day focusing on Leave No Trace. Education extends beyond the park and into the classroom. The ranger in the classroom series are for grades kindergarten through fifth. The program is being revised so teachers can use it in the classroom and then go to the park.

New River Gorge will continue what it has been doing to maintain its Leave No Trace designation. Leave No Trace is used in the management plans specifically in education initiatives and resource management plans such as the NERI Climbing Management Plan.

Highlighted Facts

  • New River Gorge achieved a score of 38/40 at the time it was designated as a Gold Standard Site.
  • The park has numerous ranger guided activities and educational programs which integrate Leave No Trace.
  • Leave No Trace is incorporated into the park planning documents to guide future management decisions.

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