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Leave No Trace Training

Regardless of your favorite outdoor activity, Leave No Trace skills are important to learn. Leave No Trace courses function like a pyramid. Master Educator Courses are at the top of the pyramid and train people to become comprehensive Leave No Trace educators, or Master Educators. Master Educators, in turn, teach the second level, the Trainer Course, to people who become Leave No Trace Trainers. Trainers (or Master Educators) are then able to conduct our third level of training called Awareness Workshops, which are designed for the general public and promote Leave No Trace. Read on for more information and pick the course that’s right for you.

Other Programs and Opportunities


Traveling Trainers - Education in Motion

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers, two teams of professional outdoor educators, is in its ninth year. Our traveling trainers have logged close to a million miles in their official Subaru Outbacks. The program has reached over 9 million individuals in 48 states. Learn more >

State Advocate and Community Program

To find out about Leave No Trace happenings in your area, ask your volunteer State Advocate.  This hardworking, dedicated individuals are responsible for  helping set up Leave No Trace events including trainings, outreach and supporting Leave No Trace activities around your state. To find out who your State Advocate is or to find information on becoming a State Advocate, please visit the State Advocate Program page.

Youth Programs

The Center has two youth specific curriculums for Leave No Trace outreach and education. Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids (PEAK) and the Teen Program can be used has training resources for teachers, environmental educators and youth leaders.

Educational and Training Resources

A comprehensive selection of training and teaching resources for Master Educators, Trainers or others teaching Leave No Trace. Many of these resources are FREE and can be downloaded and distributed as necessary. Learn more >

Leave No Trace Related Research

Scientific research is the foundation of the Leave No Trace program. This is the best place for locating Leave No Trace-related research. Learn more >