What is a TEEN pack?

TeenPage3.jpegTEEN can be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with another environmental curriculum in both classroom and outdoor settings.  The TEEN Activity Pack includes four activities designed to teach older youth about Leave No Trace as well as an introduction to the program.  Additional activities are avaible.

The standard TEEN Pack includes the following activities:

  • Principle Presentation - The best way to learn is to teach others. Create skits, demonstrations, activities to teach your peers about the seven principles of Leave No Trace.
  • How Prepared Are You - Learn how to plan for a trip and what you need to know beforehand to Leave No Trace.
  • Unlocking the Past - Cultural Sites represent part of our history. Learn about how to Leave What you Find.
  • Ethics Game - Leave No Trace is part of an environmental ethics spectrum. Learn and discuss different visitor impacts on public lands.

Two additional activities have been added and can be purchased separately:

  • Quiet on the Set - We are all sharing a common space. Create an interactive simulation of an outdoor scene and learn how to Be Considerate of Other Visitors.
  • Team Challenge: Choose the Right Path - We're faced with different ethical decisions on the trail or in an outdoor setting. Work with your team to complete the trail and Choose the Right Path.

Each activity or "module" can be delivered in 30–60 minutes depending on group size, available time, etc. The modules come in durable folders that fit into an expanding folder (the Pack) that can be used in the field or in a classroom setting.

Each module includes instructions on how to facilitate the activity as well as supporting materials. Also included is is a Start Card and an instructional DVD, which offer many helpful teaching tips and an overview of the Leave No Trace program.  All materials are available in Spanish.