Leave No Trace In The Outdoors


Leave No Trace In The Outdoors includes simple practical things to do to protect the backcountry and green places close to home as well as covers hiking, campfires, food storage, and personal hygiene (118 pages). 

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Backwoods Ethics


When it was originally published in 1979, Backwoods Ethics was a prophetic call to reevaluate the impact of outdoor receration on thw ilderness. It was enthusiastically received by environmentalists and wilderness managers; now, more than twenty years later, its warnings and advice are more relevant than ever. With wisdom and gentle humor, Laura and Guy Waternam present a stringent ethicof low-impact hiking, camping, cooking, and alpine management.

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Wilderness Ethics (Waterman)


Without some management, the world's wilderness cannot survive the number of people who seek to enjoy it. But with too much management, or with the wrong kind, we will destroy the spiritual component of wilderness in our zeal to preserve its physical side. In Wilderness Ethics, Laura and Guy Waterman look beyond the ecology of the backcountry to the factors that make it "wild."

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Backpacker Leave No Trace


(2nd Edition) Tips and techniques tailored for hikers, climbers, backcountry skiers, mountain bikers, equestrians, sea kayakers, canoeists, and rafters (208 pages)

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Soft Paths


(4th Edition) A 210 page, full color, practical and comprehensive guide to minimum impact recreation techniques and outdoor ethics from the National Outdoor Leadership School.

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