Top Five Reasons Why You Should Run an Awareness Workshop

Jackson, Wyoming: Wilderness Adventures has trips all over the country and world for pre-teens to college students. With over 80 instructors and 600 participants taking trips down rivers, up mountains, through canyons, and various forests throughout the country, we are proud to have them as an educational partner at Leave No Trace. Last weekend we had the privilege to put on a four-hour awareness workshop for all 80 instructors on how to teach their participants to minimize their impact when they are traveling and camping in the outdoors. Working with WA got us thinking about how important...

Tide Pools

Redwood National Park, CA: Spending time outside can bring out the inner child in all of us; exploration, discovery, curiosity, and wonder are part of any outdoor experience, an area where the excitement of finding and observing something spectacular in nature is a tide pool. Adults and kids can spend hours (depending on the tides) searching through the rocks and seeing what creatures inhabit this zone. Tide pools consist of a sponges, sea stars, sea anemones, tubeworms, snails, crabs, and so much more. Due to the popularity of some beaches and the accessibility of tide pools (depending on...

Bike Stop Cafe and Outpost - St. Charles, MO

Join the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers at the Bike Stop Outpost at 6:00pm for a free educational workshop on how to minimize your impact while biking. The workshop will be an hour long and there will be free educational materials.

Citrus Harvest Festival - Highland, CA

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will join The San Gorgonio Wilderness Association at the City of Highland Citrus Harvest Festival. The Traveling Trainers will have free educational materials and educational activities for all ages!

The Joy of Teaching Kids Leave No Trace

Incline Village, Nevada: Incline Village Elementary School is a partner of Leave No Trace and their support is shown through their commitment to providing Leave No Trace education to all of their 500 students. Preschoolers up to fifth grade students took part in learning about how they can minimize their impact every area from their local parks, ski resorts, Lake Tahoe, to the wilderness surrounding their community. The kids at Incline are definitely fortunate to live in the beautiful area that they do and their teachers and principal recognize that and want to not only foster a love of the...

Bear Canisters

Big Bear Lake, CA: It is almost springtime and bears will be awakening from their hibernation, stretching their limbs, and will be searching for a meal. Bears could hunt, fish, or seek out berries; but finding food left out in a campsite, in a backpack, or in a tent would be so much easier and much more delicious! Of course you can always hang your food from a tree 12 feet off the ground, six feet way from the trunk of the tree, and six feet from the branch it is hanging on. In some areas a bear hang will not be ideal or possible due to treeless areas, areas were bears have outsmarted the...

Palouse Bicycle Collective Ride - Moscow, ID

Join the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers for an education bike ride at Moscow Mountain! Meet at the Palouse Bicycle Collective at 2:45pm and car pool to the Moscow Mountain. The ride is limited to 15 participants so make sure to register for the event at


Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Impact in the Outdoors

San Diego, CA: Read the Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Impact in the Outdoors! 1. Prepare for your trip. a. Bring the ten essentials . b. Research the weather. c. Know the rules and regulations of the area you are traveling in. d. Obtain any permits or reservations needed for the area your traveling to. 2. Stay in the middle of the trail. Even if the trail is muddy, just hike through the mud. By hiking through the mud you won’t erode the sides of the trail or crush vegetation on the side of the trail. Wear boots and if you need them bring along gaiters. If you are not hiking on a trail, hike on...

Staying a safe distance from wildlife at Zion National Park

Zion National Park, Utah: At Zion National Park 25 feet is the minimum distance recommended for how close people should be to wildlife. Posters on kiosks, signs, along the trail, and park ranger reiterate this recommendation to give wildlife its’ space. Zion teems with wildlife in its beautiful remote, lush, and spectacular valley. The 25-foot minimum recommendation is to ensure that no person is bit or harmed by wildlife. A hike down towards the Narrows exit is a reminder of how attracted wildlife is to humans in search of food. A do not feed wildlife sign at the entrance to the Narrows...

Being Considerate of Other Visitors on the slopes

In this video you can learn when to yield the slopes to other skier/snowboarders, how to merge into busy downhill traffic , and how to be safe out on the slopes. Enjoy! Thanks for watching and remember to be like Bigfoot and Leave No Trace! Pat and TJ Leave No Trace’s Patrick and Theresa Beezley are part of the 2014 Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Program that provides free, mobile education to communities across the country. Proud partners of this program include Subaru of America, Coleman, Hi-Cone, REI, and Smartwool.