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Using the Thumb Trick: Keep a Safe Distance From Wildlife

New Paltz, NY: Would you like to learn about how we can respect wildlife while we are out on the trail by using the thumb trick? It's easy, make a thumbs up, extend your arm all the way, close one eye, and see if you can hide the animal with your thumb. If you can't hide the entire animal with your thumb take a few steps back and try again. When you can hide the whole animal, this means you are a safe distance from wildlife. Enjoy the trail! Steph and Andy – Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Team East Leave No Trace’s Stephanie Whatton and Andy Mossey are part of the 2016 Subaru/...

Girl Scout Troop 11808 - Alpharetta, GA

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be conducting a scout focused Leave No Trace workshop for Girl Scout Troop 11808 on Sunday, January 10th from 5 to 6:30 pm at Midway Methodist Church scout building in Alpharetta

Summit Hill Elementary - Milton, GA

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be offering a morning Leave No Trace program to a local school group in Milton, GA.


Beaux Bridge, LA--A slight tickle frisks my exhausted thigh: Over two mountains and down again we finally find ourselves wearily reclining on a Lay-Z-Boy-Rock: content and starving. The pesky tickling is vying for my attention but nothing can top the need for lunch, for canned tuna and a block of sharp cheddar. Spoon in hand, I dig into the tuna, now repackaged in my twice-before used Ziploc, and take a bite off the “block oh-cheddah”. I get that watery mouth feeling of pure enjoyment and as my spoon crescendos for another chomp, the hair on my legs begin to stand and the tickling becomes...

Andre Houser - Texas State Advocate

Spring, TX: Without volunteers Leave No Trace couldn’t accomplish our mission to teach people to enjoy the outdoors responsibility. We are fortunate to have people all throughout the country putting on awareness workshops and trainer courses, promoting Leave No Trace to schools and scout troops, and land management personnel advocating for our message. As an organization we are fortunate to have the support of individuals all around the country that volunteer as State Advocates. State advocates put on a variety of trainings from: Awareness Workshops, Trainer Courses, Master Educator Courses,...

Trash Timeline Activity

San Antonio, TX: As we travel through Texas this Fall we have noticed the Don’t Mess With Texas signs all over the highway and in parks. Don’t Mess with Texas is a well known saying, but most people outside of Texas don’t realize that it is actually a anti-littering campaign featured throughout the state. Teaching Texas youth the importance of their home state’s famous saying is simplified using the trash timeline. The trash timeline teaches people of all ages how long litter lasts for if it is left on the ground out in park. The research behind this activity comes from a USDA Forest Service...

First Step Childcare Center & Pre-School - Deadwood, SD

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be facilitating an awareness workshop for the First Step Child Care Center. Games and activities will be used to teach the students about Leave No Trace in a fun, interactive, and meaningful session. 

5 Tips and Tricks for Teaching Kids!

Enterprise, OR: Imagine yourself as a young child attending a community festival on a warm summer day. The smell of barbeque and fried desserts fills the air. You’re eager to see friends and neighbors as you wonder the grounds and gather an assortment of fun knick-knacks from the mysterious colorful booths scattered across a field of green grass. You’re determined to get the coolest goodie from the shaded, name-tagged strangers no matter what it takes. So you start your exploratory trek to collect the prizes, laugh with friends and perhaps to learn a thing or two. And now it’s up to you, the...

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Run an Awareness Workshop

Jackson, Wyoming: Wilderness Adventures has trips all over the country and world for pre-teens to college students. With over 80 instructors and 600 participants taking trips down rivers, up mountains, through canyons, and various forests throughout the country, we are proud to have them as an educational partner at Leave No Trace. Last weekend we had the privilege to put on a four-hour awareness workshop for all 80 instructors on how to teach their participants to minimize their impact when they are traveling and camping in the outdoors. Working with WA got us thinking about how important...

Pullman YMCA - Pullman, WA

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be working with the Pullman YMCA after school program for three elementary schools in Pullman. They will be working with Franklin, Jefferson, and Sunnyside Elementary School.