Hot Spot

Training and outreach for Colorado’s Hot Spot this week

The Center in cooperation with the Friends of Fourmile is leading two Leave No Trace training and outreach events this week as part of the Fourmile Hot Spot. The Center’s Hot Spots program focuses on reversing the environmental damage caused in extremely popular recreational areas around the country through community outreach, locally tailored education, Leave No Trace training for key land management staff and volunteers, messages to the public, consultation, educational materials and local collaboration.

Mount Rainier Hot Spot Success

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics recently completed work at Mount Rainier National Park’s Paradise Area, a 2011 Leave No Trace-designated “Hot Spot.” Located in Washington, Mount Rainier National Park receives up to two-million visitors a year. At Paradise, the most heavily visited area of the park containing 26 miles of trails, recreation-related impacts have been severe. Miles of additional social trails and damage to subalpine meadows caused by off-trail travel have resulted. In partnership with the National Park Service, the Center implemented a multifaceted education program...