Take A Peek at PEAK In Action

Tarpon Springs, FL . Take a look at this video, shot at an elementary school in Florida earlier this week. Kate leads a lesson on leave no trace using the PEAK Program. PEAK- Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids- is an interactive, engaging program designed to educate youth about responsible recreation and land stewardship. It is clear to see how much fun PEAK can be! For more information about PEAK, check out Respect the Resource...Kate and Tracy

Mount Rainier Hot Spot Success

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics recently completed work at Mount Rainier National Park’s Paradise Area, a 2011 Leave No Trace-designated “Hot Spot.” Located in Washington, Mount Rainier National Park receives up to two-million visitors a year. At Paradise, the most heavily visited area of the park containing 26 miles of trails, recreation-related impacts have been severe. Miles of additional social trails and damage to subalpine meadows caused by off-trail travel have resulted. In partnership with the National Park Service, the Center implemented a multifaceted education program...

Science Behind the Skills

Have you ever been asked any of the following questions and didn’t know the answer? • “Why do I have to wash my dishes 200 feet away from water sources?” • “Does Leave No Trace change visitor behavior?” • “Why should I not cut the switchbacks on the trail?” • “Do resource conditions improve over time because of Leave No Trace?” • “Why do I have to hang my food in bear country?” • “How long does it take an apple core to decompose?” If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. While the seven Leave No Trace principles are fairly straightforward and simple, the science behind them is esoteric and...

Leave No Trace in Practice on the Appalachian Trail

Earlier this year, we met Buckeye Flash, who was planning on hiking the Appalachian Trail. He completed his journey earlier this month and we asked him to explain how he used Leave No Trace while on the trail: On March 22, 2011, I began my attempt to thru-hike the 2,181-mile Appalachian Trail (AT). I started at Springer Mountain, Georgia (southern terminus) and hoped to reach Mt. Katahdin (northern terminus) in Baxter State Park in Maine before it closed in mid-October. To say that I was inexperienced would be a huge understatement. My previous hiking was basically limited to a dozen or so...