Awareness Workshop

Five Great Leave No Trace Educational Resources

Boulder, CO: We believe Leave No Trace should be part of every child’s educational experience. In fact, that’s the motivation behind our Leave No Trace for Every Kid initiative. While the Traveling Trainers reach thousands of kids each year with direct Leave No Trace education, we know that parents, teachers, scout leaders, camp staff, and everyone with kids in his or her life can play a pivotal role in helping them develop an outdoor ethic. While on the road, we are often asked for our favorite Leave No Trace educational materials, so we’ve compiled a list of resources for...

Texas Children in Nature Summit Leave No Trace Youth Educator Workshop

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be offering a free Youth Educator Workshop for participants of the Texas Children in Nature (TCiN) Summit as well as members of the public. The two-hour workshop is geared toward teachers, guides, and other youth leaders. Participants will learn how to teach and communicate Leave No Trace information to youth through interactive games and activities.

UNC Wilmington - Wilmington, NC

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be conducting an Awareness Workshop for outdoor recreation leaders in the Adventure Trips program in the Department of Campus Recreation at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The workshop will include teaching tools for both being good stewards and teaching others about Leave No Trace.

Summit Middle School - Boulder, CO

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will teach 7th & 8th graders at Summit Middle School about:

- the decomposition rates of various trash items commonly found on public lands and in public waters highlighting the long-term effects of improperly disposing of these items.  

- identifying our own personal ethics and how that relates to our recreation experiences in the outdoors and the decisions we make in those situations

America's Newest National Park

First State National Historical Park, DE: The Beaver Valley is home to lush foliage, wildlife, vast rolling hills, and some our country’s earliest history. This newly established national park offers endless recreational activities for all families to enjoy. Nominated and selected as a 2017 Leave No Trace Hot Spot, this local gem is in need of your help. “Every Monday morning we pick up about thirty bags of litter from the Smith Bridge Picnic Area.” – Ethan McKinley, Superintendent Located next to the waters of the Brandywine Creek, the Smith Bridge Picnic...

How Many Piles of Poop in a Mile?: The Forest Park Hot Spot

How Many Piles of Poop in a Mile? Forest Park Hot Spot, June 19-26, 2017 Portland, OR: “It’s a forest in my backyard.” One visitor told us this on a cool June morning during the Forest Park Hot Spot in Portland, Oregon. She wasn’t exaggerating. Forest Park is the largest urban park in the United States. Just steps away from sidewalks, paved roads and, yes, lots of backyards, Forest Park is 5,172 acres of northwest forest in the middle of Portland. (By comparison, Central Park in New York City is 843 acres.) With 80 miles of wooded trails and forest roads, it’s a haven for daily walkers,...

Are You a Considerate Mountain Biker?

Worley, ID : Whether you travel on two feet or on two wheels, word on the trail is that mountain bikers and hikers CAN get along! Are you a considerate mountain biker? Find out if the cyclist in our video can win over the wary hiker and read on for easy things you can do to be a bike ambassador on the trail. 1. Mountain bikers yield to everyone else. Because of their speed and mechanical advantage, cyclists should pause and move off trail, if necessary, to allow hikers and horses to safely pass. For an easy way to yield the trail AND look pro, practice the...

Leave No Trace Skills: Hammock Camping

Bar Harbor, ME: Did you know… Hammocks generally leave a very small footprint and are good examples of minimum impact shelters? There is nothing better than hanging tree side in your hammock for a bit of relaxation. Keep reading to learn how to protect your campsite from potential hammock specific impacts. If you are new to hammock camping or already have a bit of experience the following are a few tricks that will help you to lounge in the most Leave No Trace way. Good campsites are found not made. Set up your hammock camp at least 200 feet from water, trails and other...

Kids Adventure Games - Vail, CO

The Kids Adventure Games™ offers kids, ages 6 through 14, the opportunity to experience the thrill of adventure racing. The races emphasize teamwork, problem solving, sportsmanship, environmental awareness and fun. The kids cross the finish line, muddy, sweaty, smiling and full of pride. The intent of the Kids Adventure Games™ is  to be challenged yet have fun, be determined, develop good character, sportsmanship, teamwork, build grit and resiliency, be able to think on your feet and finish the day with a smile.

Leave No Trace Minnesota: Fire - campfire program

Join the Leave No Trace Minnesota Chapter for a campfire program to learn the seven principles of Leave No Trace and play outdoor games for more learning fun. Participants will make a Leave No Trace-friendly game to take home with them. 

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