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Tom O'Brien

Maine State Advocate

Ph.D. Analytical Chemist, retired after 35 years in the fluid filtration, personal care and consumer products industries.  Member Emeritus of the International Bottled Water Association and the National Sanitation Foundation.

Retired Boy Scout Leader with over 22 years experience in the outdoors.  Taught many Leave No Trace and leadership training courses to youth and adult Boy and Girl Scouts.

I am passionate about teaching youth and adults to make ethical choices to minimize their impact in the outdoors.  I want to develop a network of Master Educators, Trainers and volunteers who can increase our joint outreach to individuals and organizations throughout Maine.  Our team needs to build contacts with organizations that are committed to protecting the outdoors, e.g., outdoor retailers, parks and forests, schools and local communities to share our learning about the importance of Leave No Trace.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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