Restop 2 (5 Pack)

The Restop 2 Wilderness Waste Containment Pouch is sold as a five-pack and is packaged in a mesh tote bag, providing you with an easy means to carry out your used bags. Restop 2 is designed to be used with any portable commode system or can be used directly on the ground in wilderness situations. Restop 2 uses patented "bag within a bag" design to safely contain and neutralize human waste. The outer bag is a Mylar gas-impervious bag which will contain the odor as well as the waste. Inside the bag is a powder, a polymer/enzyme blend, that biodegrades and gels the waste, giving it EPA approval for landfill disposal. Restop 2 provides an inexpensive and effective means to 'pack it out.' For those required or wanting to go a step further in Leaving No Trace. Ample toilet paper and a moist antiseptic towelette are included.

Buy ten or more for $12.95 each.