Individual Ethics Reference Cards


Reference cards explaining the seven Leave No Trace principles. The best sellers are Standard, Kids, and Frontcountry cards. We now have a total of 15 versions:

Standard (tan with black)   
Kids (bright yellow)           
Frontcountry (white with green)

Bigfoot (white with blue) - Does not include the 7 Principles, rather the 5 "Bigfoot Challenges"
Bouldering (white with tan) - Made in conjunction with the Access Fund
Fishing (white with blue)
Geocaching (tan with green)
Heritage - information for cultural sites (tan with burgundy)
Hunter (blaze orange)
Canyoneering (tan with orange)
International (white with burgundy)
Mountain Biking (tan with purple)
River (tan with blue)
Rock Climbing (tan with red)
Winter Use (white with black)

Standard, Kids and Frontcountry Tags are also available in Spanish! 

Buy 100 or more of one kind for $0.23 each.

Buy 500 or more of one kind for $0.21 each.

Don't forget to pick up a Micro Carabiner to attach your card to your pack!

Dimensions: 3 in × 0 in × 5 in