Cleanwaste® GO Anywhere

The Cleanwaste® GO Anywhere waste kit (formerly called the WAG BAG®) is a biodegradable double bag system made from puncture resistant materials. Each waste kit includes a zip close disposal.transport bag, a waste collection bag preloaded with Pooh Powder waste treatment, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer. 

The non-toxic Pooh Powder waste treatment treats up to 32 ounces of liquid and solid waste allowing for multiple use. It turns liquid waste to a solid for hygenic and spillproof transport. The Pooh Powder waste treatment controls odors and contains a decay catalyst that breaks down solid waste. 

The Cleanwaste® GO Anywhere waste kit is biodegradable and approved for landfill disposal. Field-tested and proven with over 10 million kits used by US Military and FEMA since 1999. 

Buy ten or more for $2.60 each.