Educational Materials

Master Educator Handbook


The Master Educator Handbook is to serve as a resource that will:

1) Enable instructor to teach the Leave No Trace message in general and the Master Educator and Trainer Courses specifically with greater consistency.

2) Enable instructors to improve their ability to teach teachers.


The Handbook represents common practices and proven methods. 

Also available as a supplement is the Master Educator Handbook - Stock Frontcountry Supplement

Price: $29.95

Library of Skills & Ethics Booklets


An easy and convenient way to buy one of each booklet in the Skills & Ethics library. For the educator or enthusiast looking to fully round out their knowledge, or have available a comprehensive Leave No Trace resource. Receive all 16 booklets in the series for the price of just 14. 

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Price: $41.30

Group Use Brochure


Current research indicates that the techniques a group uses and how it behaves are more important than its size in determining how the group will affect the land and other visitors. 

This pamphlet is designed to help your group develop and adopt Leave No Trace practices that preserve both our outdoor resources and the quality of our outdoor experiences. 

8 pages printed on durable cardstock. 

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Buy 100 or more for $0.40 each.

Price: $0.50

Principles Trifold


The seven Principles of Leave No Trace, each with 4 to 8 bullets of succinct information and relevant pictorial graphics. printed on cardstock and folded into thirds to conveniently fit in desplays or map pockets. 

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Price: $0.35

Teen Activity Pack


The Teen Activity Pack is a supplement to the PEAK program and consists of four educational activities designed for older youth audiences. These activities include: “Principle Presentation”, “Ethics Game”, “How Prepared are You?” and “Unlocking the Past.” The hands-on activities have been used to educate both teens and adults about Leave No Trace. In addition to learning about the seven principles, the activities engage participants in higher-level discussions surrounding the themes of conservation, land ethics and responsible outdoor recreation.

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Price: $24.95

Soft Paths


(4th Edition) A 210 page, full color, practical and comprehensive guide to minimum impact recreation techniques and outdoor ethics from the National Outdoor Leadership School.

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Price: $19.95

PEAK Pack Additional Modules


Add new activities to your existing PEAK Pack:

Minimum Impact Match: A Hands-on activity, which helps participants learn about items that can help them Leave No Trace on their next outdoor trip. 

Leave No Trace Crime Scene: Focuses on the Leave No Trace principle "Know Before You Go," in which participants investigate a "crime" (i.e. problematic campsite). 

Price: $7.95

TEEN Pack Additional Modules


Add these great new modules to your existing TEEN Activity Pack:

Team Challenge: Surface Hopscotch introduces participants to the principle Choose the Right Path. Teams have to travel from Start to Finish on a "trail" of cards presenting them with various Leave No Trace scenarios. Teams have to make decisions to Choose the Right Path to continue on the trail. 

Price: $7.95

Stock Frontcountry Supplement


The purpose of the Stock Frontcountry Supplement to the Master Educator Handbook is to serve as a resource that will:

1) Enable instructors to teach stock-specific techniques for frontcountry stock users at both the Master Educator and Trainer level.

2) Enable instructors of all Leave No Trace stock-focused courses to improve their ability to cover frontcountry-specific practices and techniques.

Price: $7.95

Mountaineering Guide


A quick reference brochure for minimizing your impacts while mountaineering.

This guide annotates each of the Seven Leave No Trace Principles with general mountaineering techniques and information.

12 Pages

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Price: $0.65