Start With Your Park

Start With Your Park

Did You Know?

Nearly 50% of the land on earth has been converted from its natural state to serve human needs.

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What Does This Mean?

Habitat loss is one of the main drivers of species extinction globally, and nearly 50% of the land on earth has been converted from natural ecosystems to human environments. Now, animals and plants find themselves with fewer and fewer places to live, thrive and raise their young.

In cities and suburbs, the last refuges for wildlife are often urban green spaces, which provide water, food, and places to safely raise young in a sea of concrete, strip malls, and manicured lawns. The core tenets of Leave No Trace empower everyone to take care of our environment.


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What Can You Do Right Now?

Your Actions Matter! Do your part to help your local park.

  • Plant native plants to support local wildlife and consider watering and fertilizing your lawn less. 
  • Remember that the park is for everyone, so be considerate of music volumes and pack out your trash if garbage cans are unavailable.
  • Build community by participating in local events and cleanups.

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