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Accreditation: Organizations with Multiple Programs

It is our goal to work with those wishing to accredit multiple unique programs within their organization and to keep cost from being a barrier in those instances. If you are an organization* with multiple unique programs, we have created the opportunity to only have to invest in one set of accreditation materials. From there:

  • Each unique program uses the accreditation materials and goes through the 11 standards for their specific operations.
  • Upon completion of the 11 standards, each unique program submits an accreditation application.
  • If awarded accreditation status, each unique program under the same organization will pay the annual accreditation fee when submitting its Annual Review.

Depending on the various programming types, however, this scenario may not always be possible. Organizations wishing to accredit multiple programs within the structure of their organization should contact Andrew Leary, National Outreach Manager to discuss more details.

*Offices of national organizations (e.g., Y of the USA, the American Camp Association, the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of the USA, Expeditionary Learning et al.) are not allowed to disseminate the accreditation resources out to their individual or regional programs without first entering into an accreditation agreement with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. For more information, please contact Andrew Leary.