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Bridger Wilderness | June 23-27, 2022

Pinedale, WY

The Bridger Wilderness is located in Wyoming within the Wind River Mountains, and is part of the larger Bridger-Teton National Forest. It extends 80 miles along the Continental Divide and hosts hundreds of high alpine lakes, glacial cirques, and picturesque valleys. As recreation has significantly increased in the area, so too have the impacts associated with higher visitation: human and pet waste, litter, campsite impacts and water resource impacts, among others.

*The Bridger Wilderness is located on the ancestral lands of the Eastern Shoshone, Cheyenne, Apsaalooké (Crow), and possibly other tribes*


  • 250 people educated
  • 3 Leave No Trace teams
  • 6 educational programs over 5 days

The Leave No Trace teams had the opportunity to collaborate with the Friends of Bridger-Teton, the Wind River Wilderness Alliance, and the Pinedale Ranger District to help address the impacts happening in the Bridger Wilderness. Moving forward, this collaborative effort will primarily involve revamping and creating new onsite trail information, and bolstering Leave No Trace messaging in educational materials, website/social media information, and in community partner programming such as with the Great Outdoors Shop, Wind River Brewing Co., and Pinedale Aquatic Center.

Your donation helps bring Leave No Trace solutions to these impacted areas.

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