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Breakneck Ridge & Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve 2018

Putnam County, NY

The Breakneck Ridge Trail in Hudson Highlands State Park is in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Though less than a half-mile long, this trail is considered to be the most strenuous hike in the East Hudson Highlands. The hike features stunning views of the Hudson River, Storm King Mountain, and the surrounding Hudson Highlands. The trail has become increasingly popular over the last five years and, in turn, has seen a substantial increase in visitation. This rise in popularity has brought along severe impacts in the form of trail erosion, litter, and vandalism/graffiti.


  • 110 Volunteer Hours
  • 450 People Educated
  • 100 Pounds of Trash Removed

Leave No Trace partnered with New York State Parks and other stakeholders to implement a week of Leave No Trace training and outreach that will help Breakneck Ridge along the road to recovery. During the week the Leave No Trace team met with area stakeholders at a round table hosted by a local REI. They worked with the attendees to develop strategies for enhancing the efforts of the trail steward program that had been developed at this same round table meeting the previous year. During a busy Sunday the Leave No Trace was also able to connect with visitors at the Breakneck Ridge trail. While at the trailhead and on the trail the team was able to watch the Trail Steward’s interactions with visitors and give them pointers about how they could best incorporate Leave No Trace practices into these conversations. In addition to the hiker outreach, a Trail Love event was hosted on this day in which 20 volunteers cleaned up trash and helped with trail work on the Breakneck Ridge Trail.

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