GSLSP 2020 Weekend Events

Over Girl Scouts Love State Parks Weekend (September 12-13) the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics held three separate virtual events. See below for a description and recording of each.

Choose Your Own Adventure on a Leave No Trace Guided Hike

Grab your virtual backpack and join us! Throughout the virtual adventure there will be choices we will get to make to help ensure that we practice Leave No Trace every step of the way.

Create Your Own Leave No Trace Pack Out Bag

Packing out our trash is an important way we can love and protect state parks. Join us to learn about why litter is harmful, and create a fun, reusable pack out bag for all the trash you see on your next outing.

How to be a Leave No Trace Zero Waste Champion

Learn how long it takes for common items to break down in a landfill and what alternatives we can use while out exploring, at school or around home. We will discuss ways we can reuse household items and how this can help us Leave No Trace in our everyday lives!

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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