Nominate a Hot Spot

Nominations for 2022 Hot Spot Sites will be open August 1 – September 17, 2021.

Before submitting a Hot Spot nomination, it is important to understand the roles, responsibilities, and the time commitment required of the host site for a successful Hot Spot activation. Please make sure you read the following carefully.

While a Leave No Trace Hot Spot is a collaborative effort between the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the host organization, a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and expectations will ensure a smooth planning process and Hot Spot implementation overall if your site is chosen.


Leave No Trace Hot Spot host organizations/agencies are expected to take the lead on and are responsible for the following:

  • Securing dates, times, locations, and handling related onsite logistics (e.g. supplies, on-site contact person, etc.) for all Hot Spot events. 
  • Identifying key stakeholders who will engage in Hot Spot programming (e.g. agency employees, volunteers, concessionaires, guides/outfitters, local businesses, etc.), and securing participants/key stakeholder engagement in relevant programs.
  • Ensuring equipment needs, gear, and supplies, as applicable for each program (e.g. supplies needed for cleanups, trail work tools, PPE, etc.)
  • Ensuring participant adherence to safety protocols including COVID-19 safety guidelines if/where applicable.
  • Providing local/regional media contacts, sharing social media posts, advertising events, providing communications content. 
  • Communicating with Leave No Trace staff in a timely manner regarding logistics and planning questions.

Leave No Trace will provide hosts with the following:

  • Planning support and guidance, including a variety of planning documents, workshop descriptions, agenda templates, etc. 
  • Media assistance prior to, during, and upon conclusion, including communications and media-related resources and promotional materials (e.g. press releases, sample social media posts), etc.
  • Hot Spot Analysis, including site-specific recommendations for future Leave No Trace implementation and additional tools and resources.

If you are able to commit to these laid out roles and responsibilities, we welcome you to submit your nomination below.

If you have any additional questions before starting the nominations process, please email

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