Consulting Services Overview

Leave No Trace has decades of experience with developing site-specific strategies that protect resources by inspiring visitors to reduce their impacts.

Our fee-based consulting services provide tested methods that have helped land managers across the nation better understand recreation patterns, mitigate resource impacts and improve experiences for the visiting public. We offer an array of tailored tools, techniques and educational resources to support these outcomes.

Our consulting projects typically include elements such as:

  • Conduct site visits to assess place-specific management concerns
  • Develop effective strategies for positive human/wildlife interactions
  • Create messaging that supports safe and sustainable tourism
  • Inventory and advise on visitor outreach with respect to Leave No Trace practices
  • Consultation on stewardship initiatives and volunteer programs
  • Devise assessment tools to help quantify the efficacy of educational efforts

We also provide these additional services:

  • Development and production of customized educational materials: brochures, posters, signs, booklets, web-based content, etc.
  • Customized research on visitor attitudes and behaviors, including pairing surveys with observed visitor behaviors
  • Customized staff and volunteer workshops in advanced outreach techniques such as the Authority of the Resource and other proven strategies for effective communication
  • Program development such as community-based Citizen Science or Junior Ranger programs

Leave No Trace’s consulting service fees vary depending on the scope and scale of the work desired. Both hourly and project-based rates are available.

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