Hot Spots Consulting

The Hot Spot Program was created to address the severe natural resource impacts that are often associated with heavy use and outdoor spaces being “loved to death.”

Through a nationwide nomination process, areas are selected and provided with a unique blend of educational programs, trainings, service projects and more. With site-specific Leave No Trace measures in place, the areas are equipped to bounce back from impacts and recover their natural qualities.

Read more about how Hot Spots locations are nominated and selected.

At the conclusion of each Hot Spot campaign, Leave No Trace staff sit down with all of the local stakeholders involved to discuss successes, challenges and opportunities. The outcome is to produce a future-forward action plan. To ensure consistency, the Leave No Trace staff employs a detailed scoring rubric for each site, helping to highlight attainable goals as well as more long-term intensive measures.

Leave No Trace works to continue the long-lasting effects at each location by assisting with fundraising and grant-seeking to bolster local resources. The Center also encourages citizen science projects to monitor impacts and measure the effectiveness of the recommended Hot Spots solutions.

These consulting services are provided free of charge for Hot Spots communities. They may also decide to re-engage the Leave No Trace Center after a Hot Spot campaign has concluded for additional fee-based consulting work.

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