Who provides Leave No Trace Master Educator courses?

Currently, Leave No Trace Master Educator Course are offered by the following approved providers:

Does Leave No Trace training expire?

Leave No Trace training does not expire. However, since techniques and practices evolve over time, we encourage trained individuals to maintain contact with the Center to stay abreast of changing techniques, practices and the development of new teaching and educational materials. Master Educators who wish to offer Leave No Trace Trainer Courses are required to be individual members of Leave No Trace.

Am I certified in Leave No Trace?

A question we hear often is “Are Leave No Trace Trainers or Master Educators ‘certified’ or do they receive ‘certification’ in Leave No Trace?” The short answer is no. Many people who attend courses are under the impression that once they attend a Master Educator or Trainer Course or an Awareness Workshop that they are "certified" in Leave No Trace. This is not the case. The word "certification" carries with it many legal implications that the Center has chosen to avoid.

How many different Ethics Reference cards are there? What makes them differ from one another?

The Center currently distributes eight different ethics reference cards that include information about the Leave No Trace principles for various recreational activities and/or user groups. Though the core principles and themes remain the same, the information has been tailored to the specific user group. Reference cards are $.25 each, with sequential price breaks for larger quantities.
The reference cards include:
Standard Backcountry*
River Sports
Cultural Heritage Sites

How many different Skills & Ethics booklets are there? What do they cover?

Leave No Trace Skills and Ethics Booklets (S&E’s) are in-depth publications about Leave No Trace practices and techniques for specific activities, environments and ecosystems. The booklets are 24-30 pages in length, with the most universal being the North American S&E, which is available free: /training/PDFs/NA.pdf. Many others have been published, which provide information that is region or activity specific.
There are 16 Skills and Ethics booklets, including:
North American*
Alaska Wildlands
Deserts and Canyons
Western River Corridors

How is our/my partnership/membership money used? How much goes directly toward mission fulfillment?

More than 80 percent of your contribution dollars are used for direct educational programs and services. The Center distributes its arsenal of important educational materials for specific outdoor activities and ecosystems to people nationwide. It also hosts key training opportunities and workshops around the country to bring people into the fold on the latest Leave No Trace practices, and actively promotes volunteerism. Finally, the Center utilizes its membership dollars to conduct research on best practices for responsible outdoor recreation.

Our company/organization wants to join as a partner. What's involved?

Partnerships with corporations, universities, retailers, nonprofit organizations, guide services, international agencies, youth programs and many other groups are vital to spreading Leave No Trace skills and ethics. These partnerships are essential to the success of the Leave No Trace program.

Are Leave No Trace Master Educators required to be individual members of the Center in order to offer Leave No Trace Trainer courses?

Yes. Master Educators who are also members of Leave No Trace stay up-to-date on current principles and practices, and retain closer ties with the organization. With that in mind, all active Master Educators are required to maintain a current membership status with the Center if offering Leave No Trace Trainer Courses. “Active Master Educators” are those individuals who are actively offering Trainer Courses.

How can I become a member and how much does it cost? How long does my membership last?

Joining Leave No Trace as a member is easy and convenient – from our website, via phone or through the mail. Your annual contribution of $20 or more makes you an active member of the Leave No Trace community for one year.

I really like the idea of Leave No Trace. How can I get involved?

Leave No Trace is not just a slogan or a training program – it is an ethic, and a way of living. Integrating Leave No Trace ethics into how we live today positively affects the life we lead tomorrow. Visiting the Get Involved page is a good place to get started.