Who can offer Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops?

Those successfully completing the Leave No Trace Master Educator or Leave No Trace Trainer course are able to conduct Awareness Workshops. Others who are familiar with Leave No Trace but have received no formal Leave No Trace training are also encouraged to conduct Awareness Workshops. Anyone offering Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops must follow the Awareness Workshop Guidelines. More information on Awareness Workshops can be found here.

Who can offer Leave No Trace Trainer Courses?

Those successfully completing the Master Educator Course are able to conduct Leave No Trace Trainer Courses. Although Master Educators do not need to be affiliated with an organization to offer Trainer Courses, Master Educators must comply with the Center’s Training Agreement, be an individual member of Leave No Trace and follow the approved Leave No Trace Training Guidelines. Master Educators must also:

How can my organization become an approved provider of the Leave No Trace Master Educator course?

Once every five years the Center facilitates a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for organizations interested in becoming approved providers of the Leave No Trace Master Educator Course (the most recent RFP process was held in 2013/14). This process allows the Center to review the Master Educator Course and the approved institutions offering the course.

Can I tailor Leave No Trace information to meet my specific needs?

In many situations, Leave No Trace information is best understood and applied when it’s tailored to meet specific needs. Whether you’re a kayaker, day hiker, trail runner, birder, angler, hunter, skier or just like to lay in a field and watch the clouds roll by, having Leave No Trace information that is relevant to you and your environment is ideal.

I don't see any Trainer Courses or Awareness Workshops listed in my state. When will there be a Trainer Course or Awareness Workshop in my state? Or, how do iI find a Trainer Course or Awareness Workshop in my state?

1. Visit the community page for your state (and nearby states) to see if there are any Trainer Courses/Workshops listed.
2. Contact the State Advocate and Master Educators listed in your area and work to set-up a Trainer Course/Workshop.
3. Check the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer schedule and request an event (3+ months in advance).
4. Contact the Center with questions or for more information?

How do I schedule an event with one of your traveling teams?

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers provide unique hands-on educational workshops and trainings. They work with a wide range of audiences such as youth serving organizations, college students, outdoor guides, clubs, land management agency personnel and outdoor companies. Our teams of educators are split into East and West Coast teams. Please request all Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer visits online.

What is the proper terminology for the different Leave No Trace training levels?

Leave No Trace Master Educator – Someone who has successfully completed an approved Master Educator Course. These individuals are qualified to facilitate Leave No Trace Trainer Courses (with an appropriate co-instructor) and Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops. More information here.

I am not in the United States. How do I get Leave No Trace training in my country?

The Center provides customized Leave No Trace Master Educator and Leave No Trace Trainer Courses for the international community. To receive comprehensive information about international course offerings and costs, contact susy@LNT.org. To learn more about the Master Educator Course go here.

Leave No Trace introduced an online Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop in 2009.