How can I become a member and how much does it cost? How long does my membership last?

Joining Leave No Trace as a member is easy and convenient – from our website, via phone or through the mail. Your annual contribution of $20 or more makes you an active member of the Leave No Trace community for one year.

I really like the idea of Leave No Trace. How can I get involved?

Leave No Trace is not just a slogan or a training program – it is an ethic, and a way of living. Integrating Leave No Trace ethics into how we live today positively affects the life we lead tomorrow. Visiting the Get Involved page is a good place to get started.

Why is Leave No Trace in partnership with a car company?

Subaru of America has been a partner in the Leave No Trace program for more than a decade. Subaru supports the Traveling Trainer program and with this support, Leave No Trace is able to reach hundreds of thousands more outdoor enthusiasts across the country with training, education and outreach.

How does the Subaru VIP program work? How much of a discount can I get?

Individual Members of Leave No Trace are eligible for Subaru's VIP Partners Program. Save between $1,000–3,000 off the manufacturer's suggested retail price (depending on model and accessories) plus any applicable incentives on the purchase or lease of any new Subaru from participating dealers, without haggling. To take advantage of this benefit, Leave No Trace members must contact the Leave No Trace office before shopping for a Subaru. Our staff will arrange to have a letter of confirmation mailed to you, as well as to your pre-selected local dealer.

How do I start a Leave No Trace program in my country?

Before a country considers forming an international branch, the Center suggests that you join as a partner first. This option may provide most, if not all, of what you need to use and teach Leave No Trace. To date, the Center has supported four countries in forming Leave No Trace organizations: Leave No Trace Australia, Leave No Trace/Sans Trace Canada, Leave No Trace Ireland and Leave No Trace New Zealand.

Can Leave No Trace set up a booth at my outdoor event?

The Center receives a number of requests each year for outdoor events and festivals. Here are some ways that you can incorporate Leave No Trace into your event or festival:
1) Request an event through one of the Traveling Trainer teams or the e-tour.

Do you sponsor events, other organizations or people?

The Center participates in hundreds of events each year to perform Leave No Trace training and outreach, though the organization does not sponsor or co-sponsor these or any events. To support organizations and people teaching Leave No Trace, the Center has grants and scholarship programs for educational initiatives, tools and training. You can learn more about Leave No Trace’s grant offerings here.

Can I reprint the Leave No Trace principles or text?

Yes. The Leave No Trace Seven Principles may be reprinted, without alteration, when accompanied with the following copyright language:
“The Leave No Trace Seven Principles have been reprinted with permission from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics:”

I'd like to request free materials for my event/organization. How do I do this?

While there are many excellent FREE resources on the Leave No Trace website, the Center does have a very limited complimentary materials budget.  Please email our Information Coordinator at, for more information.  

If you're seeking funding to offset the cost of Master Educator Course tuition, the Center's scholarship program can help.  For more information, visit our Master Educator Scholarship page.

I want to use the Leave No Trace logo. Where do I get it and how can it be used?

Companies, agencies, Leave No Trace educators and organizations that want to use the Leave No Trace logo must be current, official partners of the Center. For some educational purposes, logo use is permissible by non-partners with the Center’s written consent. The logo may not be altered in any way. For a full description of logo use and restrictions, visit the logo use and copyright section of the Leave No Trace website at: /aboutUs/terms.php.