I'd like to request free materials for my event/organization. How do I do this?

While there are many excellent FREE resources on the Leave No Trace website, the Center does have a very limited complimentary materials budget.  Please email our Information Coordinator at Info@lnt.org, for more information.  

If you're seeking funding to offset the cost of Master Educator Course tuition, the Center's scholarship program can help.  For more information, visit our Master Educator Scholarship page.

I want to use the Leave No Trace logo. Where do I get it and how can it be used?

Companies, agencies, Leave No Trace educators and organizations that want to use the Leave No Trace logo must be current, official partners of the Center. For some educational purposes, logo use is permissible by non-partners with the Center’s written consent. The logo may not be altered in any way. For a full description of logo use and restrictions, visit the logo use and copyright section of the Leave No Trace website at: /aboutUs/terms.php.

What is the story behind the Leave No Trace logo?

An advertising and design firm in Chicago originally created the Leave No Trace logo. The swirls had arrows on either end and were meant to suggest that you go in one side, (the outdoors), enjoy your experience (the center dot), and then come out again without leaving a trace. The arrow ends were later dropped.

How can I volunteer with Leave No Trace?

  • Take part in the Bigfoot Challenge.
  • Seek outreach opportunities in your community, especially with people and groups not previously familiar with Leave No Trace.
  • Email your [State Advocate] or consider being a [State Advocate] (if your state currently has a vacancy).
  • Are you a Leave No Trace Master Educator? Contact the Center to be listed on your state’s Community page.

How does the Center work with diverse communities?

The Center has several programs in place to ensure that it is reaching the broadest cross-section of people possible with the Leave No Trace program. Connect, a grants program for culturally diverse communities, focuses on reaching youth and leaders/educators from Latino, African American, Black, Asian, Native American and other diverse communities. Additionally, Leave No Trace has translated its entire youth program, PEAK and Teen, into Spanish as well as other core educational pieces.

Why doesn't the Center engage in lobbying or activist activities?

Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor Ethics is an all-inclusive organization whose focus is education. The Center remains neutral on most political issues in order to remain all-inclusive and true to our mission of education.

Does the Center receive federal funding? Why not?

The Center receives little to no federal funding. Occasionally we work with our government partners on specific projects where they provide cost share grants to support the project.

Where does your funding come from?

Leave No Trace is funded by a wide variety of sources, from individual members to companies in the outdoor industry. We’re constantly diversifying our funding base, ensuring that there are multiple options to donate and support the organization, including partnership, purchasing educational materials, course tuition, individual membership, grants and events.

How many people work for the Center? What do they do?

The Center has seventeen paid staff, a 14 member volunteer Board of Directors, 5 advisors from its Federal Land Management Agency partners, 48 volunteer State Advocates and over 25,000 volunteers. The staff consists of 9 people who work in the national headquarters and up to eight seasonal traveling educators.

How can you really Leave No Trace?

It’s impossible to leave absolutely no trace of your visit to the outdoors. However, we at the Center have set the bar high in terms of our values and outdoor ethics. Leave No Trace is not intended to be taken literally. Rather, it is a philosophy that guides us while we enjoy any outdoor pursuit.