The Ethics Game

This game helps you explore your own personal outdoor ethic by selecting the impact that simply bothers you the most. None are particularly “worse” than the other, but you may feel more strongly about some. Additionally, our own personal ethics can vary greatly from person to person. What bothers you may not bother someone else, and vice versa. When we venture into the outdoors, it’s important to keep these concepts in mind. Helping to ensure the positive recreational experience of all visitors goes a long way toward ensuring different individuals and user groups can all enjoy nature communally.

Trash in fire pit

Trash in fire pits rarely stays there.  Animals get into it and spread it around.  This not only is dangerous to the animals but makes also makes it more difficult to pick up to pack out. ~ Jim

Trash in the fire pit indicates laziness to me. Pack it in, pack it out. Not everything can be safely burned, and burning items can create toxic fumes, cause accidents, and leave toxic remnants of the trash in the pit. ~ Gail

It is dirty and it attracts animals to my camping area—making camping unsafe for animals and humans. ~ Kelly

Names carved on trees

This scars the tree for life. ~ Mike

Carving on trees has the potential to allow diseases to enter the tree or it might just kill the tree, in any case, it just disfigures the tree and looks bad. ~ John

Carving your name onto trees is not only careless but incredibly selfish. To think that you deserve to have your name engraved upon another living thing is unsettling, and even more so in public areas meant to be enjoyed for years to come. ~ Rebecca

The selfish and pointless permanent damage to the tree suggests an intentional preference of ego at the moment over preserving the wilderness for those who come after us. ~ Rob


Braided trails

Braided trails encourage more damage as others following the example - makes it seem okay—it is a harder concept to have people act on and takes longer to fix and re-grow. ~ Deborah

Braided trails are caused by users expanding trails or creating new ones right beside existing ones, increasing erosion, degrading the soil and destroying vegetation ~ Lara