Meet Jessie and Matt!


Jessie Johnson


Jessie’s love of life outside started in the woods behind her childhood home in North Carolina, where one of her favorite things to do was play “camp director.” The practice must have paid off because she later spent five years running programs at two residential summer camps. Her love of outdoor education stayed with her through her studies at the College of Wooster in Ohio, where she wrote a thesis on the effects of the residential camp experience on children. She received an M.A. in Sociology at the University of Georgia, where she was introduced to the wonder of the Blue Ridge mountains. Jessie believes that we enjoy our outdoor experiences more when we treat our favorite places with care and is excited to empower others with Leave No Trace knowledge as part of Team West.


Matt Schneider


Matt started learning Leave No Trace early in life, digging his first cat hole at age 6, on a backpacking trip. Matt has been a Boy Scout, ran a summer camp, led wilderness trips, managed a ropes course, and has competed in off-road triathlons and ultra-endurance mountain bike races. With a PhD in ethics and political philosophy from the University of Georgia, Matt has taught courses on the ethics and economics of environmental sustainability. His passion for applied ethics and experiential education come together as a Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer.