Hot Spot - Kern River Re-visit


The Kern River Valley is located just two hours outside of Los Angeles, California. Every year around 500,000 visit the valley with 50% of that visitation originating from Los Angeles. The river runs 165 miles passing through Sequoia National Park, Inyo National Forest, Golden Trout Wilderness and the Sequoia National Forest. The river was designated as "Wild and Scenic" by congress under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The Kern River has an abundance of opportunities for hiking, rafting, kayaking, angling and more. 

The Kern River Valley sees recreation-related impacts including:

  • graffiti and defacing of natural objects
  • improper disposal of trash & human waste
  • visitors camping too close to the river


Last year's Kern River Hot Spot week took place in March of 2016. While on-site the Traveling Trainers were able to educate over 600 people about Leave No Trace skills and ethics. The week consisted of six workshops and two days of booth outreach at a local fishing derby event. Though the week's reach was large, the teams did not reach many local stakeholders including the local land management community, making it a great place for the teams to visit again.


Kern River Hot Spot Re-Visit 2017