Leave No Trace for Every Kid



LEAVE NO TRACE FOR EVERY KID ensures that the natural world is left in able hands for generations to come by providing educational resources and programs for kids who spend time outside. The Center’s education team creates tools and programming that engages youth and educators while inspiring a stewardship ethic in young people. 


Leave No Trace is best taught in the context of the outdoors, where open spaces and natural areas serve as the setting to teach kids how to care for nature. Camps, youth programs, schools, and parks groups offer kids great opportunities to spend extended periods of time outdoors where learning, repetition and practice are foundational. From a summer camp experience filled with developing new skills, to an outdoor classroom where inquiry questions are posed and answered by students, youth programs help kids build an affinity for nature.

Leave No Trace for Every Kid sees every moment of a kid’s time in nature as an opportunity to explore what it means to have fun outside while taking care of it. Curriculum tools and educator resources serve camp staff, youth program staff, teachers, and parks employees as a way to enhance onsite Leave No Trace for kids.



Every youth program is unique. The Leave No Trace for Every Kid curriculum uses several diverse and holistic approaches to maximize your program's impact on youth: 


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