Hot Spot - Mt. Bierstadt, CO (Revisit)

Mt. Bierstadt is experiencing severe impacts from outdoor activities and is one of the many Hot Spots in 2018. With site-specific training, consulting, educational programs, service projects and more, these threatened areas can be put on a road to a healthy recovery.

Mt. Bierstadt is situated in the Mt. Evans Wilderness located just west of metro Denver, Colorado and is one of Colorado's 58 peaks over 14,000 feet. Mt Bierstadt is one the most popular and easiest of the 14ers in the state. With thousands of visitors annually making the seven-mile round trip hike from the trailhead on Guanella Pass to the peak.  The extremely heavy use on the mountain has caused numerous impacts to natural resources, crowding, and concerns for public health and safety.  

Mt. Bierstadt was first selected to be a Hot Spot in 2015. During Leave No Trace's time on site, the team worked closely with the US Forest Service and the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative to reach 500 people with Leave No Trace education. Much of the training and outreach was focused on teaching key stakeholder groups about how to effectively educate visitors on the importance of practicing Leave No Trace skills and ethics. In 2018, Leave No Trace will return to the area to continue to strengthen and build the local Leave No Trace programs. The overall goal of this revisit is to continue to expose more visitors, partners and agency staff to minimum impact education thereby furthering the Mt. Bierstadt on the road to recovery.