Hot Spot - Hungarian Falls

The Hungarian Falls gorge located in Hubbell, Michigan is one of the most popular natural areas on the Keweenaw Peninsula. It features three major falls, the first two fall are around 20-25 feet tall and the final drops over 75 feet into the gorge. Most of the gorge is managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, however a 10 acre portion is managed by the Keweenaw Land Trust. The are offers recreational opportunities for ATVers, hikers, bikers, and equestrians in the summer and snowmobiles, snowshoers and skiers during the winter months. This crowded area sees impacts including:

  • trail erosion 
  • user conflicts 
  • damage to riparian areas


The Leave No Trace executed a week of education and outreach in and around the Hungarian Falls gorge. 

Hungarian Falls Hot Spot