Fund It Forward This #GivingTuesday

Now through December 1st, up to $5,000 in donations will be matched by our partner, CouponCause. You can help ensure Leave No Trace receives every matching dollar possible by making a gift today. Help us reach our goal so that we can continue to protect overburdened and vulnerable natural areas. 

Make a Sustaining Gift Today

For every $1 you donate today, our partner CouponCause will match it! 

Do you want to preserve the environment for generations to come? Supporting Leave No Trace is a simple way to protect the land — from backyard to backcountry.

As record numbers of new and seasoned adventurers turn to the outdoors, wear on our natural areas is becoming increasingly apparent.  Education and prevention are the greatest tools we have to combat these issues but they require your help.

Take the next step in protecting the outdoor places where you play. Make a gift today.

And remember! When you join, renew or donate by Tuesday, December 1st, your gift will go twice as far and make twice the difference!


Why You Give

I believe that Leave No Trace is the absolute least I can do in exchange for hiking, camping and backpacking in outdoor and wild spaces. Stewardship of the environment is critical to ensuring that generations after me can continue to enjoy the same trails I hike and woods I wander in. Leaving no trace is a small investment that reaps big returns.”   Victoria, Leave No Trace Member and Master Educator

Trust the Outdoors

For every dollar given to Leave No Trace, $0.83 goes directly towards providing effective, research-based education and programs for people in all outdoor environments. The remainder goes towards ensuring resources are always available to support the Leave No Trace mission and vision.

Leave No Trace has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for the past six years.