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Cheaha State Park

Delta, AL

Cheaha State Park has benefitted from incorporating Leave No Trace in a variety of ways. The park experiences decreased maintenance costs and a higher efficiency of maintenance work, as there is less trash to pick up and maintenance staff can focus on other projects. The resource and social conditions in the park have improved as visitors have a stronger sense of stewardship and are more aware of their impacts. Visitors throw away their trash and pick up litter they find, and are generally treating the area better than before the Leave No Trace program was implemented. This contributes to a more positive visitor experience, as there is less trash on the ground and there are educational opportunities for visitors through interpretive signage on trails. The prevalence of Bigfoot/Leave No Trace in the park has drawn in visitors and contributed to increased visitation over the last five years.

Highlighted Facts

  • Cheaha State Park incorporates Leave No Trace as a core aspect of park management and interpretive programming, and brands itself as a “Leave No Trace Park.”
  • Leave No Trace information is prevalent on Cheaha State Park’s online and printed resources, interpretive programs, and trail signage.

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