Gold Standard Site

Castlewood Canyon State Park

Franktown, CO

Castlewood Canyon was determined to become the second state park in Colorado to achieve Gold Standard Site designation. With incredible inter-agency collaboration as well as the dedication of both volunteers and staff, Castlewood Canyon State Park has reached this goal. In addition to Gold Standard Site designation, their efforts have also helped to deepen both relationships within the Colorado state parks community, as well as with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

In an effort to augment and continue to protect the scenic beauty and resource diversity of the area, Castlewood Canyon has implemented the principles of Leave No Trace throughout their operations. The park communicates, educates visitors about and practices the principles in order to minimize any adverse impacts and to preserve the unparalleled scenery and natural resources of Castlewood Canyon State Park.

Highlighted Facts

  • Castlewood Canyon State Park volunteers piloted the Gold Standard Site Toolkit first developed by their peers at Roxborough State Park, working through each of the phases to become Gold Standard.
  • Castlewood Canyon has robustly implemented training throughout their volunteer and staff ranks with Master Educators and Trainers on-site as well as every volunteer having undergone a Leave No Trace Awareness course.
  • Castlewood Canyon State Park achieved a score of 85 percent on the Center’s Gold Standard Site evaluation analysis.

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