Gold Standard Site

Barr Lake State Park

Brighton, CO

Barr Lake State Park reached its goal of becoming a Gold Standard Site by taking a comprehensive approach to preserve the park’s ecological oasis of the prairie and natural wonders while enhancing visitors’ experiences. Leave No Trace education has been integrated into many facets of Barr Lake State Park, including online information, signage, youth and adult programs, and staff and volunteer training opportunities. Additionally, Barr Lake State Park has extended education of the Seven Principles and other Leave No Trace information through work with local partner agencies.  Barr Lake State Park is committed to environmental stewardship throughout programming and operations for years to come.   

Highlighted Facts

  • Barr Lake State Park has numerous ranger and volunteer guided activities and educational programs which integrate Leave No Trace Principles.
  • Barr Lake State Park incorporates Leave No Trace as a core aspect of park management and interpretive programming.
  • Barr Lake State Park achieved a score of 35/40 on the Center’s In Every Park Assessment at the time it was designated as Gold Standard Site.

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