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5 Leave No Trace DIYs

Guest - April 29, 2020

Did you miss our Instagram live video last week where we showed you some cool Leave No Trace inspired DIY projects? Don’t worry if you did, you can always follow along with the live video and project instructions below. 


Have you or someone you know suffered from FOPO? Similar to FOMO, the Fear Of Packing Out is something our outdoor spaces struggle with all the time. Whether you use a Deuter Dirtbag, reusable dry sack, or opt for the DIY FOPO bag in the video below, each helps us pack out all our trash, even the gross stuff.

Backcountry Poop Kit

Since you have prepared a FOPO bag up above, you are already partially finished with your backcountry poop kit. Organize everything needed for disposing of human waste in the backcountry into a convenient kit to keep everything simple, sanitary, and minimally impactful. The backcountry poop kit video will show you the key items for a top notch poop kit.

TP Roll Binoculars

Now that many of us have an abundance of toilet paper rolls, have the kids make and decorate their own toilet paper roll binoculars. Follow along with the live video and use the dimensions in these TP binocular instructions for guidance.  Leave No Trace tip, try not to use glue on the project to ensure it is still recyclable when finished with them. 


Planting your own leftover garden with what might otherwise be food waste is a great way to bring the outdoors in. You can plant an avocado seed over a cup of water, replant some bell pepper seeds, or even sprout bonus green onions from what would otherwise be food scraps. 

Dog Doo Solutions

Turn an old peanut butter jar into a high tech dog doo solution. Simply was the jar and duck tape around it, leaving a small gap that your leash can slide through. It’s a convenient way to have dogs pack out their own waste from parks and protected areas in a sealable container. Watch the Dog Doo Solutions video to find out why it’s important we all pack out our dog’s waste and a few ways to do it.

Have fun with these DIYs. Enjoy your world and Leave No Trace.


By the Subaru/Leave No Trace Teams. For over 20 years these teams have provided tangible solutions to serious issues facing our outside space and reach over 15 million people every year. Learn more about this important Leave No Trace work here.

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