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Monthly Leave No Trace Trainer Course – Wild Alabama

Using the power of science, education for all, and stewardship to support and protect nature, Leave No Trace is on a mission to ensure a sustainable future for the outdoors and the planet. To execute this mission there are Leave No trace Master Educators and Leave No Trace Trainers. Wild Alabama is a proud partner and provider of Leave No Trace Trainer Courses. This course is appropriate for anyone that wants a full immersion in the ethic and perfect for recreational leaders, scout leaders and youth group leaders. Anyone that takes groups into an outdoor setting to perform outdoor activities from hiking to rock climbing will benefit from this course.

Wild Alabama will be conducting monthly Leave No Trace trainings throughout the year of 2022. We are proud to make this course free to the public with the support of grants and donations. Donations are welcome but not required. The course takes place over the weekend and involves 12-16 hours of instruction, required. Basic itinerary for the course is as follows: arrive at a predetermined campsite on Friday night for fellowship and introductions and a brief Leave No Trace quiz designed to stimulate conversation around the topic of Leave No Trace. Saturday will be a full day in the field with lessons and impromptu activities. Participants will get to see first hand recreation impact in a few seriously degraded “hotspots”. Saturday evening will be more fun and fellowship at camp. Sunday morning, participants will give a 20 minute presentation where they will “teach” one of the LNT principles. Don’t worry, they will be done in a small group of 2-3 people. No pressure! Alert! If you do not camp or need to go home every night, that is fine! We wish you could camp but you can also commute every day. As long as you are present the entire day on Saturday and Sunday until finish, you will pass the course!

General inquires about the course can be directed to Kim Waites, Leave No Trace Master Educator at

For more information and to see upcoming courses click here.

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