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Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Become part of a National movement and join us for a weekend of Leave No Trace activities and course work in the outdoors. This course will be a little different in that it will be in a classroom setting.  You still bring your tent and backpack filled with your personal gear as we learn the principles of Leave No Trace and put those lessons into practice. Both days, classes will be from 9-5, but at night, you will be able to head home and meet back the next day at 9. All you’ll need is enthusiasm and a desire to want to protect the outdoors, minimize your “human footprint” on those locations that you plan to visit, and passion to pass on your knowledge to others.

This course is designed to teach both adults and children over the age of 16.  You will learn how to plan and prepare for your trip, take advantage of durable surfaces to camp and hike, properly dispose of waste, leave what you find, minimize the impacts of campfires, respect wildlife, and respect others that may travel your path in days to come. Upon completion of the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to protect the outdoors so that others may enjoy it as much you do! In addition, you will become a Leave No Trace Trainer.

Cost: $100 per person includes all materials for the course.

Contact: Benjamin Rush at or 901-530-6179

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