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Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Join Patagonia Denver, and BOAT (The Bus for Outdoor Access & Teaching) for a Leave No Trace Trainer weekend expedition! Patagonia Denver and BOAT are following up an in-store lecture on the history of Leave No Trace with an opportunity to be trained as a Leave No Trace Trainer.

This is a dynamic and interactive workshop, and is equal parts learning to be a best-in-class outdoor educator, getting tips and tricks on how to influence and encourage behavior change, and learning the best practices for Leave No Trace in our ecosystem and others. BOAT’s approach emphasizes a mix of ecological understanding and research-based social dynamics that help you understand how to act, and be thoughtful in how you approach others. As with any BOAT program, we’ll also approach Leave No Trace from a lens of inclusion, and spend time thinking about how we mix getting more people outside with having less impact. We’ll discuss classic practices – pooping in the woods, hiking on and off-trail, cooking – as well as newer topics in Leave No Trace – social media use, cross cultural communication, and climate change.

This is an all-inclusive camping adventure, and your fee includes transit, food, and any group equipment you may need to borrow. Simply show up at a park with the right clothes, and we can take care of everything else! Expect to learn to make exquisite food over low-impact kitchens (think fresh baked bread or sushi in the backcountry), enjoy the new line of “Patagonia Provisions,” and learn to camp in remote wild areas. BOAT guides will help you learn to navigate on and off-trail, and we’ll settle in a beautiful campsite for the duration of the course.

Micah, your lead instructor, is the Colorado State Advocate for Leave No Trace, and a Master Educator. With over 500 days of field time under his belt, his methods of teaching have been featured at conference like the Association for Experiential Education and the Wilderness Risk Management Conference, and have earned national awards. The course is run via interactive participation, and we’ll explore a mix of history, philosophy, science, and psychology as they relate to land ethics in America. Curious about the links between world wars and water bottles? Hear stories of voyageurs, puritans, wolf hunters, Teddy Roosevelt, suburbanization, and more in a 4,000 year journey into the history of the outdoor industry and land ethic in America. Previous participants have described it as “profoundly impactful,” “Wow! This was amazing,” and most importantly “very fun.”

Location: Pick up is available in Denver and Colorado Springs. Course will take place near Canon City.

Cost: $175 (all food, gear, transportation, teaching, and materials included).

Contact: Micah Leinback, Colorado State Advocate,

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