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Online Trainer Course

This course is hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University Recreation, Outdoor Pursuits. It will run from 6 -9 PM CST for four Tuesdays starting on June 28th.

Participants will be assigned a Leave No Trace training topic prior to the course beginning and will be expected to develop and deliver a 20-30 minute, interactive lesson or presentation during the course. After June 16th, the instructors will schedule a 60-90 minute orientation call that will occur prior to June 23rd to introduce course material and preparation. This course includes 1-2 hours of independent study per week, in addition to time spent preparing the lesson to be delivered during the course. Participants must be present and engaged in all hours of the Trainer Course in order to be considered successful completion. The Leave No Trace Trainer course is a professional-level training, but does not provide a certification. Participants that successfully complete the course will be “Trained Instructors of Leave No Trace” and that training does not expire.

Cost: $45

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Contact: AJ Heil,

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